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HAZ1508 Software

Bristol Babcock AB is pleased to offer HAZ1508, combined HAZOP and IEC61508 assessment software.

HAZ1508 software offers everything you need to conduct and record a full HAZOP meeting in accordance with recognised best practice.

HAZ1508 includes IEC61508 safety integrity level ("SIL") requirement calculation software within it to seamlessly and automatically calculate your SIL needs during your HAZOP meeting without requiring any further meetings or delays from your top engineers and managers. The saving in time and money that arises from this approach is huge. Recommended actions arising from the HAZOP meeting can be e-mailed to the attendees at the touch of a button thereby minimising post-HAZOP secretarial effort. HAZOP tracking software is included in HAZ1508 to help you identify actions that have not yet been closed out or signed-off as well as recording responses received.

HAZ1508 includes the following:

The software is available in three alternative versions

We also have an online demonstration version here (Note that all saved data is periodically destroyed on this demonstration.)

The PC / laptop Single User Version

HAZ1508 is available on a USB Stick or direct download for single PC/laptop users.

After installation the installed instance requires activation from MCH. A code is presented to the user which should be mailed to us at after which a license key will be mailed back which should then be entered into the instance. When this is complete the system will be fully functional.

Access to HAZ1508 uses standard browsers. Our recommended browser is Mozilla® Firefox, and other browsers can all be used - Internet Explorer®, Opera® Netscape® etc.

Single User System Support

If you need remote support for your single user system then contact us via

Own server version

This software is available for installation on company servers. This allows access from any PC with a suitable browser on the company network, and only requires a single installation.

On-line HAZ1508

This server is available for use as an HAZ1508 server. By using this service you can avoid the need for maintaining your own server. This is also a good way to work if you don't expect to need to do enough HAZOPs to warrent the investment, or as a way to try it out before commiting.

Contact us for a quote.

To use our on-line HAZ1508 service use the link, user name and password you have been issued.

Demo HAZ1508

We have a live demo at this location. Note that all saved data is periodically destroyed on this demonstration.

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